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“ There is nothing else like it in the world! ”

Fisherman's Cottage & Divince Mercy

New Products

New Products:

Claude Monet's Fisherman's Cottage - Monet was the founder of Impressionism, and one of the most influential landscape painters in the history of art.

Discover Kevin Daniel’s rendition of a male and female cardinal in North American Cardinals.

Jupiter LighthouseGlassmasters Recent Commissions:

Jupiter Lighthouse -Commissioned by Loxahatchee Historical Society.
Glassmaster- Products

Glassmasters is world renown for creating stained glass designs of licensed museum artwork and replicas of original stained glass windows. Glassmasters creates collectible and home decor size stained glass panels of the images using a proprietary labor intensive hand craft process.

The imagery is painstakingly recreated by artisans who hand apply translucent enamels to cathedral glass in a traditional one color at a time process. Each color is fired into the glass at temperatures above 1100F degrees. “There is nothing else like it in the world!”